Fancy Dress

Wholesale Fancy Dress

Oulabimir has been manufacturing fancy dresses and costumes since 1995. The owners of the company have grown its potential all around the World with their conscious, talents and self-confidence.

The company works with experienced directors and staff who are adapted to modern technology. Oulabimir is a Turkey oriented company, besides its sales points around the World. Thus, the company gains its customers' confidence.

Oulabimir can also serve by supplying wholesale textile from stock for parties and special events. As well as period costumes and formal wear, the company presents fictional costumes such as animals, important characters etc. If you are looking for high quality costumes and reasonable price, you can check our catalogs on our website and contact us.

As a manufacturer company we promise to take care of all supply chain management, to make your shipments travel safe, fast and on time.


  • Capacity

    Oulabi mir Textile produces with up to date computerised industrial machines. Oulabi mir Textile exports clothing, with more than 100 employees and 5.000 square meters of area which includes 3.000 square meters of indoors work space. Using state of art sewing machines Oulabi mir Textile has a capacity of producing 1 000,000 pcs Per Month.

  • World-Wide Export

    Apparel Stock for all traders, wholesale fashion clothes suppliers and brand clothing...

  • Sampling & Custom Designed Manufacturing

    Sample Studio Oulabi-mir can create your samples from your designs, specification sheets and ...